The group energy enhances the painting experience!

Group sessions at your school, business, retirement home, or specialized group are available depending on Elyra Easton’s schedule. Prices are dependent upon the size of the group and location.

Spontaneous Painting classes maui is an opportunity for playful self-expression in a safe, non-judgmental environment. We approach the blank piece of paper with no idea of what we are going to paint!  This allows you to paint whatever comes up in the present moment rather then painting from your head.
It is a wonderful way to experience creativity in a group setting without pressure or expectations of the outcome.


To find out more about private sessions for your group, please contact Elyra for more information or phone (808) 430-5329.

“I love Elyra Easton’s Spontaneous Painting class!

I am a retired engineer and mortgage and real estate broker with no previous painting or art experience. I can’t believe the beautiful paintings I have done starting in the first day of the class. My favorite paintings came from painting with my left hand with no intention or control what so ever. Now I can call myself an artist and a painter and have more than 30 paintings after just a year of taking this class. Many people have complimented me on them and some have even asked to purchase them.”

~ Linda Green